Thin sheet-metal

Thin sheet-metal

We have a fully autonomous fine sheet metal workshop for carrying out all sheet metal and welding tasks in compliance with quality and traceability requirements.

Sheet metal operations are used on the one hand to produce sub-assemblies (chassis, coverings, piping,...) for our clients directly and on the other hand to supply the sheet metal parts required in the equipment and machines that we manufacture.

The thin sheet metal workshop specifications :  

  • CO2 LVD laser cutting: cutting sheet metal up to 10mm
  • YAG Laser Cheval laser marking
  • LVD NC folding
  • TIG welding machines
  • TIG automatic orbital welding

Characteristics of the thin sheet metal workshop :

  • Quality finishes
  • Traceability of raw materials up to the finished piece (3.1 certifications)
  • High performance production material
  • Qualified welding personnel : use of WPS and WPQR procedures
  • High quality food-related and pharmaceutical welding
  • Lean manufacturing tools

Materials regularly used :

  • Stainless steel sheet metal (304L and 316L)
  • Aluminium sheet metal
  • Round and square tubes in stainless steel (304L and 316L) and aluminium

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