Project definition

Project definition

You have a project, or an idea ?

We can help you bring your project to fruition by working on six core aspects :

  • Innovation : to be pro-active and to create ideas
  • Functional : response to your requirements
  • Technical : comply with specifications and implementation constraints 
  • Organisational : comply with operational methods
  • Deadlines : meet deadlines by breaking the project down into steps (benchmarks)
  • Cost : stay within budget

With our proven experience, we can help you define your project and offer a partnership based on all of our resources and skills : 

  • Design offices : research, design and development
  • Prototyping : validation of options and solutions
  • Industrialisation : preparation for mass production
  • Validation : verification of the product's suitability and compliance
  • Regulatory labelling : preparation for the market
  • Mass production : small- and medium-scale
  • On-site or in-shop after-sales service : longevity of your product
  • Continual improvement, management of obsolescence and regulatory changes : assurance of your product's suitability for future needs

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